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  • 1 month ago

Overly qualified.

As of today i am finished with University. 6 Long year’s i have trained to become more than just a film maker.

Although many will never read this i want to thank a few people for making me the man i am today. Linda, Jess, Jodi, Julia and who could forget my parents for putting me here. If it where not for you few i would never have seen what i have seen and therefore would not be here right now. 

Not even going to graduation. Fucking, not even an open bar.

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  • 3 months ago

And our name in time shall be forgotten, and no man shall have any remembrance.

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  • 11 months ago

Never did work.

I thought I’d post this up because I stumbled across it again after almost a year.

Back story: There was a girl whom I used to see almost every day on the bus to university (bare in mind I’m not so great at attendance). It turns out she was on the same course as me, in fact, did many of the same classes as me. Through coincidence, not through some weird stalker way. I found out she wrote poems and little rhymes, some of which were brilliant. I thought i could use this to try and get something to talk about, but I’m a terrible speaker when it comes to pretty girls. So in my failed attempt at poetry i wrote this, i left it where she could find it, and to this day i still don’t think it she knows i was me. I thought it was rather good considering…

Not sure if you’ve heard,
But some little bird,
Told me a tale,
Which I’ll now regale,
Of a man who was ignored,
By the girl he adored.

This girl she was pretty, daring and bold,
Every time they met, he felt strangely cold.
As if he was frozen, straight to the ground,
He swiftly went red, his heart would pound.
Often he kept saying, though never came true,
Soon she’ll be mine, he was certain he knew.
A year went by, and nothing had changed,
He had gone quite mad, if not deranged.
She had found another, hansom and true,
To win her heart, he had not a clue.
Then a thought sparked, deep in his mind,
It was for the best, he was just being kind.
He’d leave this place, a little bit blue,
After a year though, because he had stuff to do.
He’d travel the world, in search of another,
In order to find, the one to call lover.
Though never will there be, one quite like her,
As never again, his heart would stir.

The worst thing about it is, i still have another year with this girl, and chances are we’ll pick the same classes (again not a stalker).

Maybe I’ll write a book next time.

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  • 2 years ago
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Walking with giants..

It’s that time of year again folks, that time when all i can think about is going somewhere. WHERE being the key word here. I don’t mind WHERE, someWHERE, anyWHERE! This all started when someone said WHERE would you like to go today, and come to think of it, it’s not often someone will ask you, “WHERE would you like to go today?”. It’s a nice question.

I’d like to think I’m not the only one to get itchy feet. But sometimes people just prefer it at home. Safe, warm, someWHERE away from it all. But i like the idea of not being warm and safe. I like the idea of being no WHERE and someWHERE all at the same time. The struggle of being someWHERE completely unknown and having to survive on nothing but your wits and cunning. It’s the small things in life i suppose.

Perhaps i’ll go someWHERE soon, though i am not sure WHERE i would go. I think maybe i’ll just pack a rucksack and set off again, see where i end up. The silly thing is, it’s not about the WHERE that is important, its the process of getting there, and everything along the way.

Sometimes i think that this world is a little too big for me.

(The amount of times you have seen WHERE in capitals makes it look funny don’t you think.)

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  • 2 years ago